Guiding you down the path to an accessible web site, complying with Section 508

Accessibility and Section 508 Consulting Services

Enterprise Code Corporation provides on-site consulting and software development to ensure your web applications meet the standards of Section 508.


A lot of mystery surrounds Section 508 of The Rehabilitiation Act. Most companies aren't sure where to begin. We can take you from where you are currently with accessibility and explain clearly where you need to go and why.

Software Development

Making web applications accessibile typically will involve some modifications. We are able to work with your exisiting software team to develop solid accessibility features into your exisiting application with the least amount of pain.

VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) Writing

Throughout the process, we will help you identify your accessibility strengths and weaknesses using a VPAT. As the accessibility of your products mature, the VPAT will be updated to demonstrate to government agencies your company's compliance with Section 508.